I found myself being the biggest hipocrit last night as I openly stared at a group of Americans.  I hope I didn’t look as lost as them my first night out (I definitely did/still do).  My program started two weeks earlier than the other study abroad programs so last night was the first night the bars were packed with different groups of Americans.  Damn, the Spaniards are right, we are obnoxiously loud.  I must say, it felt good to be one of the few people that actually knew my way around, I’m just so cultured with 14 days under my belt.

On a more serious note, I have realized that Spain is going to throw a lot of different tests and challenges my way.  I also have realized that my reactions to these challenges my very well shape the rest of my trip here.  I have been given an opportunity to really grow up and find myself (let’s pretend I didn’t say that) in a completely new environment.  I hope I can rise up to this challenge.  It is tempting to go out every single night and to always be caught up with the fast and exciting life, but I am not in Spain for this reason.  I want to improve my Spanish, bond with my host family, travel through out Europe, do well in my classes, and so much more.  If I could give anyone else advice for going abroad, I would say don’t allow yourself to get caught up with the excitement of drama, because throwing a bunch of drunk college kids together in a foreign country definitely will create some.  You aren’t in Spain to do the same things you may have always done.  Do what you want to do.  Be selfish and take risks.  Put yourself out there and take control of your abroad experience.  I have the power to make these next 4 months the most incredible experience of my short life and I am not messing that up.

Okay, enough of the drunk girl bathroom talk.  Now to decide what I’m wearing out tonight…uh, I mean time to study.


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