Lagos, Portgual

To backtrack a bit, Lagos was never a place that I wanted to go to.  Fortunately almost my entire abroad group booked this trip through Discover Sevilla and my FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) kicked in and I brought out the credit card.  Discover Sevilla is a company that has always creeped me out a bit.  They are basically these club and excursion promoters that very aggressively target abroad students.  They find their way into our facebook groups, bribe us with free drinks at the clubs, and are constantly messaging us to represent them.  They are even banned from our university here because years ago they came uninvited to our orientation night and helped themselves to free food, drinks, and advertising. Plus, the main promoter’s name is Toba and looks like the lead singer in LMFAO, but that’s besides the point. Fortunately, we were not all warned about Discover Sevilla until after we had booked the trip.  I say fortunately, because the trip was awesome!  I understand why my program would be annoyed with them, but they sure know how to plan a hell of a weekend.  We all successfully boarded the bus at 10am that morning.  I learned from my Malága trip that staying out until 6am before an early bus does not work, so we cut our nights short to about 3am.  I slept the entire bus ride there and my lovely friends have some cute pictures of me drooling away to prove it.  My beauty sleep has never been beautiful.  Once we arrived at our surprisingly nice hotel it was time to hit the beach.  The free sangria was flowing and the water felt great after the long morning of traveling.  Unfortunately, all of our photos from the first day were lost when our friend lost her camera at the club that night.  The clubs were great.  It was calmer than Sevilla (which doesn’t say much) and had a lot more bars.  If you are ever in Lagos, make sure you go to the bar called RedEye.  It is definitely the best place there.  Also, don’t worry about finding anything because there are plenty of barefoot australians running around that are the friendliest people you will ever meet.  I swear I did not meet a single person that was actually from Portugal.  All of them were Aussies, but I definitely was not complaining.  Our second day there started off with a thunderstorm followed by some more rain.  The DiscoverSeville people did a good job of improvising.  We ended up going to this really cool look out point once it stopped raining and taking a ton of pictures.  Then to the beach in the bad weather to get lunch and play some football.  I’ve learned that with enough sangria, everyday is a beach day. Around 6pm we went to the “end of the earth” to watch the sunset.  I have never seen anything like this.  In front of me was the glowing orange sun and behind me was the moon.  The wind was blowing and it felt great to be in the cold air.  I have never seen a sun set that fast.  I just stood there mesmerized by what was in front of me.  My girlfriends and I did take a moment to feel bad for ourselves while we watched all of the couples around us.  Then we remembered that we were 21, in Europe, and single and felt a lot better.  That night we all had another fun time around the town and had the most amazing chicken kabobs in the world.  I kid you not, these things were the best food I have had since being abroad.  Our last day was my favorite.  We went on a Sangria Sail Boat all morning and took a small boat through all of these different caves.  It was incredible.  I did not bring my camera because I didn’t want to waste a second seeing things through a lens.  Sometimes you just need to enjoy the moment.  We then spent the rest of the day cliff jumping and laying on the beach.  I definitely recommend cliff jumping, I just wouldn’t jump first.

A few tips for going to Lagos:  Don’t go out to a club before 3am, go to RedEye, befriend the Aussies, never speak to someone in Spanish because they will be offended, thank you is “Abrigado,” and eat as much bread as possible because it is delicious but never use the spread they give you unless you’re a fan of cat food- then go for it.  I got back two days ago and was thrilled to be welcomed back into the arms of my host family.  I also haven’t left my bed much the last two days.  I am exhausted and need to sleep for about a week.  Cheers to you Lagos, you win.

DSC00673 DSC00692 DSC00694 DSC00722 DSC00737 DSC00741DSC00749 DSC00752 DSC00767 DSC00770 DSC00782 DSC00801 DSC00831


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