In the fourth grade, a new girl moved onto my court.  Yes, I referred to Cento Court as MY court and was not afraid to let this other girl know it.  She was brunette, pigeon toed, and I immediately deemed her annoying.  We did not hit it off right away to say the least.  However, over the next few months we bonded over our love for razor scooters and heath bar ice cream.  Eventually, she became a little less annoying and I became a just little less bratty.  We decided to be friends. Obviously, the first step to any friendship is making a club together.  Our club was called the Kool Kids Klub. One day, when Erica and I were making our Kool Kids Klub posters, my older sister walked down with a horrified look on her face when she saw KKK hanging up all around our garage.  She quickly suggested that we change the words to start with C’s and to call it C Cubed.  We didn’t understand why, but we figured high school kids always knew what was cooler and changed it.


This situation basically described our friendship ever since; never knowing what’s going on, but always coming out with a good story.  Erica goes to Chico State aka she is crazier than me in every way, shape, and form.  When we get together, she is always my bad (good) influence.  So when she asked me to come visit her in Prague this past weekend, I packed up my highest heels, bought an extra bottle of advil, took out some cash and was on my way.  Upon landing, I was greeted with the ice cold weather of the Czech Republic.  I skipped the bathroom and went running out to where Erica said she’d meet me.  In typical Erica fashion, she wasn’t there.  Another reason why we are friends, we are both perpetually late.  So I sat and waited with a huge pumpkin spice latte and chocolate muffin.  What?  The cold makes me hungry!  30 minutes later, Erica graced me with her presence and we went running into each other’s arms.  It was then time to catch each other up on our lives since it has been about 24 hours since our last skype session.

ImageMy first move was to raid her closet for the warm clothing I severely lacked.  Then Erica brought out tickets to the ballet!  I had been looking forward to this all week long.  We were going to see Romeo and Juliet at the famous ballet house.  I tried to ignore my exhaustion, got all dressed up and strutted into the enormous hall.  We took our seats and the music started.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful the venue was.  The music began to play and I got more comfortable in my seat.  I felt so cultured and mature!  I’m at the ballet in Prague!  I made it until the balcony scene and the next thing I knew, Erica was shaking me awake.  Oh well, it’s not like I don’t know the ending.  Erica and I headed back to her apartment for a much-needed nap, followed by a few cups of coffee, and then it was time to go out for the night.  I must say, I did enjoy being able to wear a huge coat out to the clubs.  We danced the night away to some DJ that sold out at Ibiza and set our alarms for early the next morning.

We didn’t hear the alarm a single time.  Our only incentive to get out of bed was the hot bagel and pancake breakfast that Erica promised me.  It was so worth it.  Now it was time to finally see the real ImagePrague.  The only way I know how to describe this majestic place is straight out of a Disney movie.  I could have sworn people were about to break out in song at any minute.  The city is magical and the architecture is different than anything I have ever seen before.  It is such a mixture of different styles and I was in complete awe.  The city is covered with structures built by a very famous controversial artist that Prague adores.  I didn’t really understand the dead babies climbing up the TV tower or the giant metal pregnant lady, but hey, what do I know? Erica then took me to all of the main tourist spots, the castle, cathedral, the old clock tower, the mini Eiffel tower, and much more.  My personal favorite was that night at the top of Petrin hill to look out over the entire city.  I also didn’t mind the tram that took us to the top of the hill. The full moon completed the scene as we looked out at one of the most beautiful cities I have ever laid eyes on.  Yes, Prague is definitely underrated.


That night was another crazy night with my best friend.  We ended up at this club called Double Trouble.  It looked like it was in a cave and I could not have been happier to be with my life long partner in crime.  Who would have thought the two chubby little kids from Cento Court would one day be traveling the world together?  Apparently, little pigeon toed and bowl cut Asian girls make the best of friends.  This girl is my soul mate and the most genuine person I know.  I have no idea what I would do without her and I am terrified to find out since she will be abroad in Prague all year long.  Well, we never did end up making it to the John Lennon wall.  I guess I will just need to come back this year so I can get the complete experience (after stocking up on more advil of course).  My next 2 weekends are planned with Erica in Amsterdam and then in Sevilla.  Wish me luck!  I’ll need it.



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