I am about to study abroad in Spain.  Well crap, I guess I should have read those 50 abroad emails the school sent to me this summer.  Really, not my best choice.  I am a junior in college – Accounting major and Spanish minor.  No, I don’t love numbers and when people ask me “Se habla Español?” I reply with “Un poco” still too nervous to use my last 9 years of Spanish classes to come up with a more sophisticated answer.  So I am throwing myself into Spain for the next semester or “immersing myself into a different and beautiful culture” as my abroad counselor liked to say.  I’ve decided to make this blog to keep track of my adventures abroad.  As of now, all I know about my living situation (from the one email I did read) is that I will be living with “Isabel a señora who lives with her husband Jorge and their children Berta 11 years old and Sergio 13 years old.”  That piece of information really helps — thanks abroad office! Well Isabel and Jorge, hopefully you like half California half New Jersey chicas because I have my bags packed and voy a Sevilla!  Figure of speech of course…I should probably go actually pack my bags.



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