¿Hablas Español?

I’ll be back in 10 minutes (more or less). I’ve been home for about a week now.  It’s weird, to say the least.  Everything is the same, my house has to many cats, my dad is obsessed with a new (ugly) car, my nephew is going through his terrible twos, and my grandmother is drinking […]

No te Vayas, Miss Jaclyn!

For the past semester, I’ve spent every Tuesday morning teaching English to a class of fourth graders at a local elementary school.  Anyone who knows me, knows just how comical this is.  This being because 1. I don’t like kids and 2. Kids don’t really like me and 3. I don’t wake up before noon. […]

Roma, Italia

There is something I need to admit right up front. My only expectation I had for Rome never was fulfilled.  I was not discovered by a Roman back stabbing pop star as an Italian singer’s doppelgänger and forced to play a sold out concert at the colosseum.  But I guess Rome was still pretty cool. […]

Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Coffee” shops, shrooms, and prostitutes: You guessed it; I went to Amsterdam.  It was quite the trip.  Just like every other college student abroad, I had heard plenty about Amsterdam.  Most of this involved drugs and feeling higher than a high school kid on 4/20, but what isn’t mentioned enough is how absolutely beautiful this […]


In the fourth grade, a new girl moved onto my court.  Yes, I referred to Cento Court as MY court and was not afraid to let this other girl know it.  She was brunette, pigeon toed, and I immediately deemed her annoying.  We did not hit it off right away to say the least.  However, […]

مغربي (Morocco)

This weekend I learned I was uninformed.  I was ignorant.  I was wrong. I was 9 years old.  I was getting ready for school just like any other morning.  My mom was in Pennsylvania visiting my grandparents and was supposed to fly back that day.  My grandfather had gotten very sick and my mom decided […]

Paris is Always a Good Idea

Audrey Hepburn could never be wrong.  Therefore, when my mom offered me a 7 am flight to Paris the morning after Halloween, I decided that even then, Paris is always a good idea.  This little decision did almost end up with me having to go to the airport in my gypsy/genie costume from the night before. […]